Process automation

In process automation, mechanical functions are combined with automatically controlled processes.

If an entire system is automated, supervisory controls can be implemented or the entire process can be completely monitored. The key benefit is the rapid identification of errors that reduce production downtime or waste.

The depth of process automation is highly dependent on the industry. While most processes in the automotive industry are already automated, the process industry often uses old systems focused on robustness that no longer correspond to the current state-of-the-art and are difficult to retrofit. The challenge of the future is to be able to monitor the full production chain. In particular, in the food industry, full monitoring is often required due to the traceability laws.

JUCAE offers all the necessary steps to automate your plant:

  • Automation of technical processes
  • Conception, development and creation of visualization systems
  • Increase degree of automation
  • Conception and implementation of measurement concepts
  • Monitoring and surveillance systems
  • Development and implementation of automatic reporting
    • Data recording
    • Reporting
    • Analysis / Online Analysis
    • Maintenance overview and reports
  • Engineering for automation hardware
    • Conception of automation networks
    • Planning and design
    • Control cabinet construction
    • Installation and Commissioning