Industrial plants have a multitude of optimization possibilities, which often require expensive investments and are only rarely or only very long paid back by pure energy savings. Rather, the potential of industrial plants lies in the expansion of the power capacities of existing systems and the increase in product quality.

One reason for the limited production is often a bottleneck in the production chain, which is busy or can not reach the target performance due to frequent failures. A non-maintained or coordinated automation of such systems is often an avoidable cause of error. Especially when combining different processing lines from different manufacturers, the interfaces are not optimized or tuned to each other. Even with safety-related monitoring functions that have a direct influence on failures, often no deeper analyzes are carried out to prevent root causes of error (keyword: fault monitoring). A good control concept often solves the problems! We would like to help you to identify the errors in the automation and control system and to find a solution to increase the productivity of your machinery.

JUCAE offers a wide range of services in the areas of control, automation and IT:

  • Conceptualization of automation and IT solutions
    • Process flows
    • Production processes
    • Industrial buildings and offices
    • Supervisory controls
  • Preparation and execution of tenders
  • Engineering of control, automation and IT solutions
  • Implementation of control, automation and IT solutions
  • Commissioning of control, automation and IT solutions
  • Maintenance and servicing of control, automation and IT solutions
  • Optimization of control systems
  • Project management
  • Project supervision in automation projects
  • Consulting in all areas of control and automation technology
  • Advice on production management systems and their implementation
  • Assistance for decisions on automation systems
  • Battery cell testing