JUCAE is a sole proprietorship founded in 2018 and operating internationally.

I (Johannes Unger) am the founder and CEO of JUCAE. In recent years, I have gained a lot of experience in the control and automation technology sector. As a basis, I studied mechanical engineering at the Vienna University of Technology and also obtained my doctorate in the field of control and automation technology. I have spent the first years of my professional career researching and developing battery models as well as battery testing and battery simulation algorithms. Data-based approaches, which are also required for control concepts, were the focus of my interest. In the further career, I focused on the interpretation and implementation of process control, during which time my interest in the design of process automation continued to increase. I have implemented optimal control algorithms on many biomass boiler plants and installed additional automation components that was used in the new control concepts. My experience in the food industry comes from the knowledge of the family owned dehydration plant, where I have been working since my childhood.

Further information about my career can be found on my XING profile or LinkedIn profile.