The market for e-mobility and renewable energy has grown strongly in the recent past. Energy storage or batteries are a big field in which many companies are actively working and researching.

To provide high quality traction batteries for e.g. hybrid or electric cars, essential battery tests are needed at the battery cell level. Depending on the application, currents of a few milliamperes up to several hundred amperes per cell are possible. The dynamics of the stress on battery cells also play a role here and represent a challenge for battery cell testers. The build-up of the battery cells in battery packs can be based on these battery tests and the configuration of the cells can be optimized in an application-oriented manner. The development costs can thus be reduced.

JUCAE has developed solutions for testing battery cells efficiently and in a resource-saving manner. All measurements are analyzed and checked for plausibility. The fulfillment of customer specifications is possible. We do not shy away from developing and implementing new approaches for and with our customers!

JUCAE offers the following services in the field of electromobility and renewable energy:

  • Battery cell tests in the range of ±240 A up to 5 V cell voltage
  • Analysis reports of dynamic loads at the level of battery cells
  • Development cooperations
  • Battery modeling and battery simulation