Drying system control

Drying is a very common process in the processing of various products. Whether in the food industry, wood industry or chemical industry, the process is very similar and differs according to the specifications of the product (e.g. color, residual moisture, etc.).

There are different technologies used in drying. These include belt drying, spray drying, microwave drying, freeze drying, fluidized bed drying and some more.

Special in belt drying is the challenge to keep the outlet moisture of the product constant if the product to be dried has very different input moisture or only one source of energy with fluctuating power (keyword system influence) is available. Optimal control becomes the key component to ensure the most even and efficient dehydration. Additional sensors and actuators provide with the right control further improvements in product quality and control quality.

JUCAE offers solutions for drying systems. We also supply:

  • All additionally required sensors, actuators, automation and IT components
  • Support from conception to commissioning
  • Consulting for new acquisition projects in all phases with our strong network in the dehydration sector