Automation of preparation lines for drying systems

The preparation of different raw products for the dehydration process has a large number of different variants. The challenge for producers is to constantly ensure and improve the quality of the products. The international market challenges producers to continuously enhance their production lines, to cost-effectively optimize production, and to implement intelligent and innovative monitoring functions through automation that, among other things, allow full traceability of production.

JUCAE helps to apply innovative methodologies to your preparation lines and at the touch of a button, to change over to different varieties or specifications while complete monitoring in terms of product traceability is ensured. The conversion based on clearly defined checklists can be accomplished quickly and reliably. The operators quickly overlook the process, whereby sources of errors are reduced.

JUCAE offers the following services:

  • Planning of preparation line layout
  • Automation of preparation lines
  • Optimization of preparation lines
  • Consulting at new acquisition of preparation lines